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High-purity ALN Powder, ALN Granule,
ALN Filler and ALN Ceramic.

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Innovation, Mission,Leading

Xiamen Juci Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R&D, production and sales of high-quality aluminum nitride powder and ceramic products. The core team is composed of well-known experts in the domestic aluminum nitride industry, former executives of listed companies and industry sales elites, with more than 10% of them having doctoral degrees.
Relying on the research achievements of Beijing University of Science and Technology in the field of aluminum nitride, the company has won many honors, such as the "Second Prize of National Science and Technology Invention", the "First Prize of Scientific and Technological Invention in China's Nonferrous Metal Industry", the "First Prize of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition New Material Industry Finals", and the "National High-tech Enterprise".
The company's main products include high-purity aluminum nitride powder, aluminum nitride granule, aluminum nitride filler and injection molding complex precision aluminum nitride ceramic products, which have been recognized and praised by customers in China and abroad.
The company adheres to the enterprise policy of "innovation, mission and leadership", persists in continuous innovation, continues to promote technological progress, and promotes the healthy development of aluminum nitride industry with science and technology.

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The company's main products include Four series of high-purity aluminum nitride powder, aluminum nitride granule and powder injection molding aluminum nitride ceramic products, which have been recognized and praised by customes around the world.


Performance characteristics of aluminum nitride products of Juci Technology: excellent thermal conductivity, high insulation strength, resistance to plasma erosion, excellent mechanical properties, and low expansion coefficient.


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